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Pinched Nerves / Herniated And Bulging Discs / Radiculopathy / Headaches and Migranes / Spondylosis / Artrhtitis / And More.

 I'm a workaholic who spends hours in front of the computer. I suffered from neck pain and migraines. A chiropractor recommended me to try this neck traction device which relieved my pain and fixed my posture. So happy I did. 


I received the product a few days ago. Its an excellent product and has given me relief with pins and needles and pain in my arms and hands. I have a pinched nerve in my neck. It is very easy to use. it is definitely worth the money. 


I use my traction device everyday. It has saved me hundreds of dollars in trips to the chiropractor. I'm so happy to not have pain everyday anymore.


I get awful cervicogenic headaches as referred pain from poor posture in my neck. Using this product provides immediate relief when I start to feel the headache coming on and has a lasting effect, and helps me to gradually improve my posture. Love this


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