Introducing Myovive

The newest technology in cervical traction is here for those who suffer from chronic neck pain. Whether your job has caused you to develop bad posture, or maybe an injury has made you grow accustom to everyday pain. Our cervical traction device can help relieve these everyday symptoms of pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and neurological issues.

Cervical traction is a wonderful therapy that has been used for years to help bring the cervical spine back to it's correct position. It does this by mobilizing the facet joints, decompressing the discs, and restoring the proper joint motion in the neck. This allows the neck to move freely, distribute weight properly, and take stress of the overworked cervical muscles.

Helps Relieve

Pinched Nerves / Herniated And Bulging Discs / Radiculopathy / Headaches and Migranes / Spondylosis / Artrhtitis / And More.

Dual Air Compression System

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Electrical And Heat Therapy

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Contoured Design For Comfort

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 I'm a workaholic who spends hours in front of the computer. I suffered from neck pain and migraines. A chiropractor recommended me to try this neck traction device which relieved my pain and fixed my posture. So happy I did. 


I received the product a few days ago. Its an excellent product and has given me relief with pins and needles and pain in my arms and hands. I have a pinched nerve in my neck. It is very easy to use. it is definitely worth the money. 


I use my traction device everyday. It has saved me hundreds of dollars in trips to the chiropractor. I'm so happy to not have pain everyday anymore.


I get awful cervicogenic headaches as referred pain from poor posture in my neck. Using this product provides immediate relief when I start to feel the headache coming on and has a lasting effect, and helps me to gradually improve my posture. Love this


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